Solmera Systems

Solmera Systems A ground up E-Comerce site for Solmera Systems. The highly graphical interface distinguishes it from other garden variety resellers. The people at Solmera Systems really are a special breed and the site is a reflection of that.


FERMAT Lab We did a complete visual overhaul of their positively ancient web site, bringing it into the 21st century and into compliance with the standard Virginia Tech public facing web site styling. The public face of this site practically wrote itself. The interesting half of the project was the Content Management System we implimented for it. See the next entry for details.


FERMAT Lab CMS The members of the FERMAT Lab did not know HTML, but were forced to hack together updates any time they wanted to upload a new project, modify an old one, add a new member to the lab, or perform any of the numerous regular tasks. This led to stagnation and subsiquently, the site was quickly approaching being years out of date. Their main concern was ease of updates, so we implimented a Content Management System that allowed them to fill in the fields of the page members they were used to seeing in a simple to use HTML form, click the apply button, and instantly see their updates on the public site. The form paradigm combined with a powerful, yet intuitive rich text editor for the more complicated protions of their content, proved to be the perfect solution for their content woes. Now the site remains updated and they remain happily headache free.

The City of Annapolis

City of Annapolis Home Page We were contracted to make many improvements to the city government's aging website. We added many modern design touches and implimented an online billing system, allowing citizens to pay their water bill online. We greatly enjoyed working for the city. Annapolis is a great place.

Virginia Tech Naval ROTC Study Tours Application

Virginia Tech Naval ROTC Study Tours Application Designed to be a simple attendance tracking package, this app was used successfully for three semesters before NSTC came down and forbade it's further use due to new privacy and saftey regulations. The application itself tracked the arrival and depature of Midshipmen from study sessions while providing basic statistical analysis for the administrators. It eliminated hours of paperwork and tedious math each week and provided a transparent tracking system for both the administrators and the users.

Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets: Golf Company

Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets: Golf Company Home Page This was commisioned as a "Build it and they will come" project. Well, we built it; they never did anything with it, but it was a fun learning experience none the less. The background was originally inspired by a mural in the company's hallway.

The FireStorm Project

The FireStorm Project The FireStorm Project is the umbrella project for all of the projects that my friends and I start. This site is the collection of ideas we've had over the years. If only we had more free time to work on them ;)

ambivalence in absentia

ambivalence in absentia This site is the home of the wildly popular web comic `ambivalence in absentia`. It contains many subtle features which all work well together providing just the right amount of value-added to keep readers coming back. Aside from the main content, there's automatically generated RSS, a blog, automated archive, hidden content, writing tracker, and intuitive navigation. It's generally minimalistic stylings with extravagent accents work well to showcase the art style and deliver the medium, providing a simple back drop, allowing each strip to be the center of focus.

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